My Old Article – Al Fahal PDO – Drive Safely! – May 10 1994!

Al Fahal June 1994

Majid gives Nation wise words in National Newspaper article!

Drive Safely, for the sake of family and loved ones!

Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany of DPU-B’s Human Resources Department contributed to the country’s awareness of Road Safety last month when an article he had written appeared in the Times of Oman.

Titled “Stray Thoughts on Oman Traffic”, Majid’s article covered nearly a whole page of this May 10 issue. The article carried some excellent points and so, below. Al Fahal reproduces a condensed form.

“In the olden days, people used to travel in caravans with armed guards to protect themselves from marauding tribesmen or wild animals , and to be in a better position to protect themselves from natural forces like sandstorms,” Majid wrote.

“My father likes to narrate how in the olden days it took them two days to travel from Muscat to his hometown in Hayl Al Ghaf in Quriyat – a journey that now takes less than one hour in the automobile!
“In those days, when people travelled, they had a reason and purpose for doing so – travelling was hardly for fun!

“But despite the fact seatbelts have been made compulsory, and despite the fact that the Royal Oman Police are to monitor the situation and provide professional assistance beyond the call of duty; and despite the fact that people are becoming more aware of good safe driving habits, behaviour and ‘Defensive Driving’ techniques; I am sorry to say that Driving in Oman is presently far from safe and the situation is getting worse day by day!

“People now start to ponder whether they really need to be out on the roads at all!

“In the old days driving was taken for granted! I remember an Expatriate friend who was full of praise for Oman’s ‘road etiquette’. You only had to indicate and you got the ‘flash on’ immediately to proceed!
“Nowadays you do not know if that ‘flash on’ is to allow you to proceed, yet it is now often used to mean the exact opposite – beware do not proceed!

“Beware of the ‘taxi buses’! If there is a passenger who waves at it and you are on the right of the bus, do not be surprised if he cuts in front of you to make sure he gets that passenger! Why should he worry about you?

“It is sad to note that more and more fatalities occur amongst the Younger Generation – the hope and future of our country! So what is the solution?

“Parents, Teachers and Elders have a role to play by leading by example – and giving guidance and instructions. More television and radio newspapers programmes should be produced – and a return of the good old days when Police drove in civilian cars and used radar traps should be encouraged!
“Companies can also assist and the best example is PDO where Safe Defensive Driving is an important priority!

“Let us make driving fun and safe! And let us remove the fear! (of Driving!) But last but not least, do not vent your anger and frustration on yourself and other Road Users!”

Note – Please remember the article was written and published on May 10 1994! The other article I am still looking for a Copy of is A New Outlook on Omanisation! It was also published at around the same time as this article!


Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

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