Another Tragic Omani Family Involved Road Accident (Tanzania)!

Another great high profile Omani lady and her family whom we well know has died with other members of her family in a nasty tragic Road Accident in Tanzania (Main land)!

May Allah SWT God Rest their souls in eternal peace in this world and the next – Remove from them The Punishment of The Grave – and open for them the door to the highest of Heavens Ameen Amen

I am thinking of translating the books into other languages (as below) – but do not have any money of my own to do so! My Bank Statements can prove it and my expenses as a Retired Pensioner now – and acute sick person too!

My dream is to have these books widely circulated for people to read so as to Be Careful Safer Drivers – with Live 78 Cases of people (and their Families and Loved Ones!) that have suffered from Road Accidents!

  • Swahili (East & Central Africa)
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi (India)
  • Urdu (Pakistan)

If any person NGO interested (Share Basis!) most welcome to contact me!


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Arabic –خلف-عجلة-القيادة-ماجد-السليماني

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