Families Victims of Road Accidents!

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I got a call today from a friend today who was telling me that there are many such families suffering in silence and quiet – and too proud to come forward to ask for help and assistance. I think the Banks and Other Companies CSR and ICV should coordinate with ORSA to help and assist.

Even in little ways than rather not at all. I am most willing in contributing my Arabic – Behind The Wheel! 150 copies value of OMR 750 to the cause and any organisation or individual to give to ORSA as a start of this project. I feel families especially the children should not suffer from mistakes or just errors in many cases by other family members impacting their lives now.

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B      His Majesty Speech on Road Safety

Our His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – The Sultan of Oman

It Is Terrible (2)

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It is terrible…The Road Accidents!

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos met at Seeh al Makarim in the Wilayat of Sohar yesterday with Shaiks in Musandam Governorate as part of the Royal meet-the-people tour. During his meeting with citizens, His Majesty the Sultan touched on a number of issues of concern to Oman and its citizens. Giving thanks and praise to the Almighty, His Majesty the Sultan gave a Royal speech on road accidents and their impact on social life. His Majesty said that misuse of vehicles is an irritating habit and a cause of many deaths. His Majesty said, “While we believe that life and death are destined by Allah, we know that the Almighty has ordained that people should not cast themselves on perils. While some may die in , others who survive may be disabled and a burden for themselves, their families and their society. Therefore, we should join hands and beware of this issue.” Video and other Websites

The Video here –

His Majesty Speech

C About The Road Safety Books

Arabic – Behind The Wheel! – http://www.createspace.com/4875352

Being The Safe Driver! – http://www.createspace.com/4097374

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Books Front Covers!

The Sultanate of Oman has one of the highest numbers of automobile accidents and casualties in the world. With such rampant and reckless automobile behaviors on the rise, there has never been a better time to change the culture and safety of our roads. With this ground breaking new book, drivers across the nation will finally have proof in hand as to why they should drive safer.

Filled with heartbreaking and emotional true stories, this illuminating book shows drivers everywhere the dangers of the road and the true cost of negligence. With high-ranking officials across the country acknowledging the importance of road safety, it’s time for drivers everywhere to be more careful and drive safer. An invaluable road safety tool, Being the Safe Driver! Behind the Wheel, New Road Safety Novel can save lives all across the country.

This eye-opening book emphasizes the importance of road safety and careful driving through a collection of real-life stories from accident victims who share the hard experiences and lessons they learned in order to better educate drivers everywhere. A vital read for anyone behind the wheel, this priceless book has the ability to save lives.

Inspired by a horrific crash which took the lives of a coworker’s family, Being the Safe Driver! strives to encourage safer driving across the world. Filled with dramatic, true stories of accidents and loss, the book’s poignant moments are sure to resonate with all readers. Whether an accident results in injury, property loss, or simply a shaken emotional self, reckless driving always has consequences. From horrible injuries to destroyed families, this enlightening book does a fantastic job of giving all readers reasons to become safe drivers.

Already being lauded as one of the most important books to come out this year,Being the Safe Driver! is poised to make a large impact on Omani streets.

With favorable reviews and blessings from top figures in society from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said to Our Grand Mufti, it’s clear to see that this is exactly the book that the nation has been waiting for.

Using a noble goal and an effective method, this eye-opening book is certain to make a difference in every driver’s life.