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Today I went shopping at Mars Hypermarket in Qorum  and I was very much saddened to see this young Omani boy hardly 25 years old with right hand dishdasha hanging loose sleeveless and I was shocked beyond belief to realise he was a young Engineering Graduate I had recruited in one of the companies I worked as a HR Consultant!

Seeing my stares at him, he told me ‘he is thankful to Allah’ because he was sitting in the back seat – but his friends sitting in the front all perished in a nasty road accident when the car from a side road failed to stop but instead hit their car. The other car was only damaged with slight to moderate injuries – but causing more damages and havoc to their small car.

This is the point I have raised many times in my Road Safety Books that you can be ‘the careful driver’ but you never know how many crazies are out there on the roads!

Imagine this young man with full high hopes ending as at a Desk job instead – and even here he was lucky!

Very sad and tragic! 

Take Care! 

Best Wishes and Regards,


Majid Al Suleimany