Campaign to promote Road Safety for

Children in Oman

Tue, 04 June 2013

I firmly believe and endorse the use of car seats for children, which is why we have decided to visit various places to meet and encourage parents to adopt the right attitude. While I love playing on the field, I will never play with my children’s livesAli Al Habsi – Champion Soccer Star

MUSCAT — Oman’s leading, independent, not-for-profit road safety campaigning organisation — Safety First — is joining hands with the National Youth Commission (NYC). The campaign involves a series of events in Muscat and Salalah that focuses on engaging, educating, developing awareness and changing the prevalent attitude among parents in order for them to start using special car seats for children.

NYC is actively engaged in various issues related to youth and familial behaviour in the Sultanate. It was a clear and strategic decision for both entities to join hands in furthering the cause of road safety for children in the Sultanate.

Drive around on any of the roads in the country and regrettably its easy to find that children in cars are not in their seat belts, leave aside being restrained in a child car seat. What exasperates the situation is that in the event of an accident or a sudden halt those that are not restrained in their seats are thrown forward or propelled sideways which could have serious life threatening consequences.

The dangers are magnified when it comes to children as their bodies are fragile and just holding children in the arms of adults is plainly not enough. The obvious solution to this issue is a child safety seat. It is one of the most important road safety actions, which parents can make towards their children.

To change this attitude, Safety First and NYC represented by Ali al Habsi, Hamed al Wahaibi and Sayyid Nasr al Busaidi will be visiting various public and private organisations in the first week of June and engaging with the public in Muscat and Salalah. During the visits, they will be distributing special car seats for children as well as asking parents to pledge to the golden rules of safer driving, one of which is ‘I will protect my children’

Speaking on the forthcoming events, Sayyid Nasr al Busaidy, said, “My child is my responsibility. When my child left the hospital where he was born, I ensured that he was securely restrained in a special car seat as we returned home. My family and I continue to ensure that he is properly and safely secured in a car seat. We do this because we are conscious of how much of a difference the child restraint system can make in the unforeseen situation of an accident.”