Precautions a must while driving on wet roads, says Royal Oman Police


Precautions a must while driving on wet roads, says Royal Oman Police

 Muscat Daily Sunday May 4 2013

 By Shaddad Al Musalmy 

May 04, 2013

Muscat –

With recent showers affecting several roads across the sultanate and weather conditions still unpredictable, the ROP and road safety experts have asked drivers to exercise caution. An ROP official said vehicles become more accident-prone during and after rain. “Drivers need to be calm and follow road etiquette. There is no need to overtake when there are vehicles on both sides,” the official said.

“Also, there is a need to keep within the speed limits and adhere to traffic rules. Overusing brakes is one of the common mistakes that drivers make on wet roads. This can cause the vehicle to skid and harm its driver and others.”

During the recent rains in the city, many drivers were found speeding, tailgating and overtaking even in heavy traffic.

“Limited knowledge of driving in the rain seems to be a problem. Motorists drive very fast even though the authorities have set a speed limit. During rains, drivers need to keep in the lane, and not overtake where it is not allowed,” said Adel al Musalmy, corporate road safety advisor, Petroleum Development Oman.

Musalmy said engine oil fallen on wet roads make them even more slippery. “Because of this, there is a need to maintain safe distance between vehicles,” he said.

“A good driver needs to also control the flow of other vehicles, and keeping distance between vehicles in front of and behind your’s can be done by cruising at a safe speed,” he added.