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My dire and desperate attempts to contribute to the Beloved Nation to reduce the alarming increase of Road Accidents and Fatalities predominant in Oman now! Oman sadly is considered as ‘one of the most dangerous countries’ in the world vis a vis Road Safety.

It is so sad, tragic and heart-breaking!

Whether you like me or not – whether you believe in me or not – if there is even a tinge of humanity and conscience in you – you will no doubt recognise that this website and my writing up the book on Road Safety as a Novel – Behind The Wheel! – is at least a noble social worthwhile valuable contribution to the Nation – whether you are a citizen, resident and or visitor!

I thank all those who supported me in my Book – which is now under publication process – and I forgive all those who closed the doors (and windows!) in front of my face – sadly including people that their positions show they are ‘in support’ of Road Safety – but it is just being personal as a worst case scenario!

I also forgive those who promised me material support – but changed at the last minute. It, however, makes me feel so sad….!

The site has been updated today at my own costs – but if this can contribute to even one person becoming a Safer Driver – and or reduce one accident – than my work has been done!

Ramadhan Kareem aned Eid Mubarak!

Regards and Best Wishes;

Majid Al Suleimany










Muscat – Sultanate of Oman.

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