Don’t die young; let us practise safe driving! 

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The Oman Daily Observer! 

Mon, 25 June 2012 

By Mohammed Anwar Al Balushi –

In fact the subject is not new. You must have been reading or hearing about it every day. You might also know what could be there in this subject but might have decided not to go into it deeply and waste your valuable time. Dying young is a similar story.

A month ago I lost one of my colleagues in a car accident in Sinaw road. He was very young at 25 years of age and I still remember his innocent face and the smile. Last year I have lost two friends of mine in a car accident in Maabela. They were brothers, and newly married. One was 24 years old and his brother was around 26. They both died together on the spot before reaching the hospital.

There are many tragic stories told about road accidents. You must be one of those who have lost some of your beloved friends or relatives in car accidents.

The question is why do these people die young under such circumstances? It is true that life and death are not in your hands. It is for God to decide. Lets consider once again: people dying every day in car accidents is a valid reason? It is also true that if someone has decided to die there is little chance that anyone can stop him or her of doing so.

But why have they decided so? Are you fed up with life? And who have given you the right to play with your life? What image are you giving to your neighbouring countries? What message are you passing to the tourists who visit your beautiful country? They must be saying that people in GCC are careless.

They have more than what they are supposed to have and that’s why they don’t know how to use them and get benefits from the facilities provided by the government.

I remember once as I was sitting in a café and having a juice, there was a foreigner reading a newspaper. In the front page of the newspaper there was a shocking news which said: “Two people died in car accident”. He laughed, not because of the news but because of the reason for the death and the way the newspaper had highlighted it.

Of course, from the government side, they have done and still doing their every best to reduce such tragedies. As a citizen of the country you also have some duties towards the same. If you properly follow the instructions of the Royal Police of Oman, will be there such car accidents?

Instead of driving at a speed of 180 why did you not to slow down as instructed by the ROP? You must be a champion in driving, and I am sure other drivers can’t defeat you. But can you defeat death? Can you compete with death? Don’t forget, your life is valuable to you, and no one can replace you.

The insurance company may cover RO 5,000 or more than that, and also all your liabilities at the bank might be insured and you don’t need to worry. But any amount will not replace you ever. Your life is not only yours.

In your life there is a mother who wants to see you growing up and contributing for the good of the community. There are brothers and sisters who want to share their happiness and sadness with you

There are friends who love you more than your brothers. There are children who want to see their father coming back home with toys.

There is a spouse who wants to share in your love, future plans and plans for kids. There could be a lover who wants to spend some good time with you and recite poems or Nizzar Qabbani’s ghazals for you. There could be an organisation that could make use of your great ideas, efforts and contributions. Finally, in your life there is a person hidden in you who wants to see you in different roles and stages in life.

Remember, you are very important for every one. You are the asset of this great country ‘Oman’. Life is a gift from God. Hold your life like a rose and don’t even allow anyone to play with it. No matter what pressures you may have because of the problems you have.

Death is not the solution to your problems, on the contrary it increases. Never forget that while you are driving someone is always waiting for you, and stop yourself from dying young.